This is a horrifically miscellaneous blog by Brian Panhuyzen, Canadian author of short stories and novels, freelance FileMaker database developer, Senior IT Manager at the Canadian Film Centre, and committed bicycle commuter. I have published a short story collection, The Death of the Moon (Cormorant Books, 1999 – now out of print!), plus I have two novels: an ebook entitled Night is a Shadow Cast By the World, and coming in October 2013, a traditional print book (pbook?), The Sky Manifest, with ECW Press.

The posts here tend towards left-leaning politics (i.e., anti-selfishness, pro-democracy, anti-corruption, pro-people, and strong support for compassion and collective support systems that favour human quality-of-life over the wealth of a few individuals and corporations), anti-superstition (voodoo, black magic, religion of any kind), pro-creativity (support for artists), pro-environment, and pro-bike. I’ve come to all these positions through careful thought and consideration, not because of emotional attachment to ideas (can you justify with logical arguments why you feel a certain way about something?) or because of indoctrination by parents or other authority figures.


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