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Self-promotion: the fine line between shameless and lameass

I’m a big fan of The Moth podcast, stories of real-life experiences recorded live and without notes, but self-promotion by the show’s host – which is always nestled among his closing-show commentary, and voiced by an unnamed woman (so we’ll think it is she who is imploring us to buy the book, therefore it’s not self-promotion, right?) played at the end of every single show and without variation – has become a major irritant and motive for me to skip the conclusion. It goes like this – though I’ve blanked the relevant details, to avoid offering my own promotion:

Our podcast host, *** *******, is author of the book **** **: ** ****** ***** ******. Learn more at *************.com.

I tend to listen to the shows in bulk, i.e., five or six in a row, and this sensitizes me somewhat, but I’m sure my listening patterns are not unusual.

What I don’t understand is why the The Moth’s podcast producer Jay Allison lets this go on, show after show. It hurts the podcast’s integrity, making it appear to be a vehicle for the author/host and stealing some of the spotlight from the performers. Not only that, the author should be heedful of promotion fatigue. When I first started listening to the postcasts I thought I might visit the website to find out about the book. Now however I zealously avoid the site for fear that the blip of my visit on his stats might further encourage him.


Proof that zed beats zee

My application to the IRS for an EIN. In Canada I would’ve spelled the last three letters of my name as “zed-ee-en.” Because I was speaking to an American operator I had to say, “zee-ee-en,” hence the confusion between “zee” and “vee.” Attention America: there is no letter or number to confuse with “zed.” You’re up to your nose in debt; you can’t be wasting public money to fix avoidable errors like this. Join us and make “zee” into “zed.” It mucks up the postscript to the alphabet song, but consider the savings.